Henderson Producing Minerals
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Start Time:10/14/2021 5:26:00 PM
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API:  42-213-30827.  Currently in pay for 0.00116696 in Williams #1 Gas Unit.

Legal Description:  H. T. Newman Estate Well #1, Whelan (Travis Peak) Field, Harrison County, Texas: A part of the David Adams Survey about 20 miles NW from the City of Marshall, containing 45.8 acres described as follows: Beginning at a stake the SE/c of W.M Starr's 71.3 acre tract in the South line of the David Adams Survey, post oak N 59 E 7.2 and a post oak N 74 W 10 vrs. both marked "X"; Thence East with the South line of said survey 510 vrs, a stake in a field; Thence North with the East line of said Adams Survey 507 vrs. a stake in a lane: Thence with said lane, West 510 vrs. a stake in same being W.M. Starr's Northeast corner; Thence with said Starr's East line South 507 vrs, to the place of beginning, containing 45.8 acres, more or less. Being the same property as described in a Warranty Deed from W. H. Killingsworth to H. T. Newman, et ux, dated January I, 1918, and recorded in Volume 171, page 307, Deed Records, Harrison County, Texas. 

Operator:Trek Resources, Inc.
Legal Description:J. SHELTON · Abstract: 737
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