Floyd Bedker, John Roy, Roy B, Roy C Operated Leases
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Start Time:10/14/2021 5:26:00 PM
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Operated Leases in Rooks County, KS producing 12.5 BOPD.

Floyd Bedker - NW SW SE Sec 6-7S-18W (160 acres).  API: 15-163-22430.  GWI: 100%; NRI: 87.5%.  There are 2 old steel oil tanks that are not in use on this lease. They are 12 x 15 steel  tanks with walkways.

John Roy - C NW SE Sec 22-7S-19W (80 acres).  API: 15-163-01320, 15-163-30219.  GWI: 100%; NRI: 82.03126%.  Just rebuilt Roy 2 pumping unit in 2021 and pulled rod and tubing.  Both Roy 1 and 2 have new 2" PVC lead lines run to tank battery.

Roy B - E/2 SE Sec 22-7S-19W (120 acres).  API: 15-163-30127, 15-163-20171, 15-163-03813-0001.  GWI: 100%; NRI: 82.03124%.  B#1 E -12,595-0001 MIT done FEB8 2019 satisfactory KCC.  Both wells have new 2-inch lead lines to tank farm.

Roy C - W/2 SW SW Sec 23-7S-19W (120 acres).  API: 15-163-22442, 15-163-22952.  GWI: 100%; NRI: 81%.  Roy C#1 makes about 1.60 a day oil and around 5 water. Roy C#2 has a drillable plug set in the Heebner at 3040 has a casing leak.  Tubing and rods have been removed from this well. It is ready to be squeezed or a liner run. Well produces 1.80 and 75 water a day. Water from this lease also goes to Roy B#1 disposal through a gravity pipeline. Electric bill on Roy C#1 is $80.00/month. When Roy C#2 is repaired and pumping  the total power bill would be $200.00/month. Same deal here owner of leases wants to sell that's why C#2  well hasn't been repaired .


Operator:Johnson Oil
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