McClain Producing Minerals 4-6-2, 33-7-2
Lot Number:126
Start Time:10/14/2021 5:26:00 PM
Bid Count:9
High Bidder:M****r
Starting Bid:$100.00
Bid Increment:$250.00
Current Bid:$13,500.00
Bidding complete

Winning bidder has the option on the next 6 lots.  Producing Mineral Interest.  Lease Expiration:  HBP.  Royalty:  1/8th.  These producing minerals have been divided into 8 equal interests and seller is retaining one of the interests; therefore, 7/8 of full interest is available.

Wells (decimal interests are for entire package):
Parker 7N 2W 33 1HX (Decimal Interest 0.0007711900) Lease #222672
Parker 7N 2W 33 2HX (Drilling uncompleted)
Parker 7N 2W 33 3HX (Decimal Interest 0.0007315000) Lease #226543
Parker 7N 2W 33 4HX (Decimal Interest 0.0007322300) Lease #226544
Parker 7N 2W 33 5HX (Decimal Interest 0.0007298900) Lease #226545

The acreage in these tracts is located in the Parker unit in McClain Co. The Parker 1,3,4,5 wells are active and the 2HX is a DUC.  Refer to the 1002A in the data package for explanation of intent to complete the 2HX early in 2021.  The Parker 1,3,4,5HX wells are multisection 1280 spacing HZ wells.  Seller originally owned the 33-7n-2w acreage and acquired the 4-6n-2w acreage around the time that production was paid out, but had last settlement language to make sure that 1st production was captured. February's check was low and seller  reached out to the operator who explained overpayment was made and the adjustment was made in February's check.  Previous owner production checks are also included in the data package along with current stubs.

This lot is for 1/8th (12.5%) of the initial package.  The decimal interests stated are for the full package (all eight lots).  See data package on the Documents tab for a breakdown of revenue by wells.

Operator:Lime Rock Resources Operating
Legal Description:Sec 4-6N-2W (7.5 NMA), Sec 33-7N-2W (10 NMA)
Monthly Net Income:$307.07
No donations for this lot
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