Arbuckle-Short, Ponce, Rice
Lot Number:10001
Start Time:9/15/2022 6:31:00 PM
Bid Count:16
High Bidder:5****7
Starting Bid:$100.00
Bid Increment:$500.00
Current Bid:$45,000.00
Bidding complete

Arbuckle-Short - Lease #105753.  API: 15-159-01447-0001 (Arbuckle #1), 15-159-21808 (Short 1-28/Grace 28-1).  NE NE SW Sec 28-21S-7W; E/2 SE NW Sec 28-21S-7W.

Over the last seven months the lift costs have averaged less than $20.00 per BOPD.  Production on the wells has been Arbuckle 1 BOPD, Rice 1.67 BOPD, Ponce 2 bopd.

- Short 1-28 Temporary Abandonment
- Arbuckle 
         Runs 1/2 on it own gas & 1/2 on propane.
          $50.00 per month SWD fee.
          New clutch in motor 8/1/21.

Ponce - Lease #104752.  API: 15-159-05496 (#2), 15-159-00315 (#3).  NW NW NE Sec 28-21S-7W; SE NE NW Sec 28-21S-7W.  50.00 per well for SWD fee.  Ark Valley Electric $385.00 per month.

Rice - Lease #105671.  API: 15-159-20455.  Field Name: Wherry.  Formation:  Mississippi. Purchaser:  MV Purchasing, LLC.  

Tested tubing & pump change 1/2021
Runs on it own gas.  
$50.00 SWD fee.
New pump 7/1/21
Motor New head and rings 7/1/21

Note: The MCEE Land Department will record the assignment for the winning bidder.  Additional paperwork will remain the responsibility of the seller and buyer.  The recorded instrument will be mailed to the title holder at the address on the assignment.  The recording fees are $85.00 for this lot and will be added to the invoice. Click on the Documents tab for the Data Package which includes a draft of the assignment that will be recorded.  When the auction is complete, please provide title information to within 24 hours to start the filing process.

Operator:C & K Operating, LLC
Legal Description:Sec 21, 28-21S-7W
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