Redburn, Colt 45 FBCE 2-1, Colt 45 FBCE 2-4, Jennison
Lot Number:10005
Start Time:9/15/2022 6:31:00 PM
Bid Count:36
High Bidder:p****m
Starting Bid:$100.00
Bid Increment:$500.00
Current Bid:$60,000.00
Bidding complete

Winning bidder has the option on the next lot.  

Redburn 1-1:  Lease #144619.  API: 15-101-22468.  Sec 1-18S-29W.  Purchaser: Plains Marketing LP.  GWI: 0.0625; NRI: 0.05078125.  $234.05/mo.

Colt 45 FBCE 2-1:  Lease #139776.  API: 15-101-22117.  Sec 2-17S-30W.  Purchaser: Plains Marketing LP.  GWI: 12.5%; NRI: 10.15625%.  $1,383.77/mo.

Colt 45 FBCE 2-4:  Lease #144824.  API: 15-101-22478.  Sec 2-17S-30W.  Purchaser:  Plains Marketing LP.  GWI: 10.340909%; NRI: 8.402%.  $698.30/mo.

Jennison 1-1:  Lease #139446.  API: 15-101-22099.  Sec 1-17S-30W.  Purchaser: Plains Marketing LP.  GWI: 12.5%; NRI: 10.15625%.  $164.25/mo

Note: The MCEE Land Department will record the conveyance for the winning bidder.  The operator(s) will be notified of the new ownership, where applicable, by sending a copy of the recorded deeds requesting the interest be put into suspense and division orders sent out.  The recorded instruments will be mailed to the buyer with operator contact info included.  The recording, notifying and document fees are $68.00 for this lot and will be added to the invoice. Click on the Documents tab for the Data Packages which includes a draft of the deeds that will be recorded.  When the auction is complete, please provide title information to within 24 hours to start the filing process.

Operator:Grand Mesa Operating Co.
Monthly Net Income:$2,480.37
No donations for this lot
United States