Hayes, Stenson, Weaver
Lot Number:10118
Start Time:12/8/2022 7:32:00 PM
Bid Count:5
High Bidder:1****7
Starting Bid:$100.00
Bid Increment:$250.00
Current Bid:$5,000.00
Bidding complete

Hayes 1-27 Lease #059-047731-1. API: 35-059-21300.  Sec 27-27N-25W - GWI: 50%, NRI: 41.307401%.  (Taxes: $5.00)  Formation:  Morrow Sand.  Purchaser:  DCP Midstream.  

This unit has been shut in due to gas purchaser contract and annual shut-in payments have been made.  Prior to shut in, approximate operating expenses per month was $1,270.  Average monthly production 1,607 MCF.

Stenson 1-27 Lease #059-047731-0.  API: 35-059-20432. Sec 27-27N-25W.  GWI: 50%, NRI: 41.307401%.  (Taxes: $5.00) Formation: Chester.  Purchaser:  DCP Midstream.  Shut in.   

Weaver 1-20 Lease #059-047731-1. API: 35-059-20391.  E/2 Sec 20-27N-25W, W/2 Sec 21-27N-25W.  GWI: 88%; NRI: 66%.  (Taxes: $5.00) Formation:  Lansing/Kansas City.  Purchaser:  Plains Marketing.

Weaver 1-20 Highlights:
- New downhole pump on Sep., 2022.
- High reservoir pressure (recent S.I. casing pressure >1,000 psi)
- Multiple pay zones (Hunton, Mississippi and Kansas City etc.)
- A lot of room to drill additional wells on the lease, which holds 640 acres.

The Stenson 1-27 and Hayes 1-27 are both in one lease lot.  All three leases, Weaver 1-20, Hayes 1-27 and Stenson 1-27 are being sold together.

Operator:Vanon Energy, Inc.
Legal Description:Sec 27-27N-25W, E/2 Sec 20-27N-25W, W/2 Sec 21-27N-25W
Additional Information:The MCEE Land Department will record the conveyances for the winning bidder.  Where applicable, operator/payor will be notified to transfer the ownership. Recorded instruments will be mailed to the title holder. Recording fees will be added to the invoice.  When the auction is complete, please provide title information to info@mceeauction.com within 24 hours to start the filing process.
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