Gray Hickey Gas Unit x2
Lot Number:10221
Start Time:2/23/2023 7:33:00 PM
Bid Count:8
High Bidder:5****0
Starting Bid:$100.00
Bid Increment:$100.00
Current Bid:$3,700.00x 2= $7,400.00
Bidding complete

Eight (8) wells located in Harrison County, Texas. Operated by Shelby Operating Company of Dallas, Texas and Comstock Oil & Gas, LLC of Frisco, Texas.

Legal Description:  Bert Fields, Jr. - Gray Hickey Gas Unit, being 553.51 acres, more or less, more specifically described in that certain Unit Declaration, dated May 5, 1977, recorded in Volume 818, Page 708 of the Deed Records of Harrison County, Texas, together with any amendments and revisions thereto.

Shelby Operating Company, Operator:
Gray-Hickey #1 - API: 42-203-30189 - Decimal being conveyed: 0.000030368
Stephenson #1 - API: 42-203-31771 - Decimal being conveyed: 0.000030368
Stephenson #5 - API: 42-203-32645 - Decimal being conveyed: 0.000030368
Stephenson #8 - API: 42-203-33406 - Decimal being conveyed: 0.000030368

Comstock Oil & Gas LLC, Operator:
George DGH D 4H - API: 42-203-35510 - Decimal being conveyed: 0.000013016
George DGH A 1H - API: 42-203-35374 - Decimal being conveyed: 0.000017462
George DGH C 3H - API: 42-203-35509 - Decimal being conveyed: 0.000012603
George DGH B 2H - API: 42-203-35375 - Decimal being conveyed: 0.000016549

Net Income:
09-2022             $128.10
10-2022             $149.70

Does not include income from Shelby Operating.

Winning bidder has the option to double this lot.

Operator:Comstock O&G / Shelby Operating Co.
Monthly Net Income:$138.90
Additional Information:MCEE Land will file the conveyance for the winning bidder. A recording fee of $115.00 will be added to the invoice. Please provide title information to within 24 hours after the auction to start the filing process.
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